20+ Years of Experience! Mobile DJ LAY Virginia Maryland DC in Washington


I started by helping my father DJ at my middle school prom. I realized then that I wanted to be a DJ. I felt the rush of excitement, a feeling of fulfillment & instant popularity. I continued my apprenticeship with my father for 5-6 years. I realized I wanted my own DJing company after graduating high school and finishing my military career. I wanted to support myself, help out my family and spread my passion for music. 

20 years later... hard work, dreaming, growing, and learning. While never losing site of my goal, I can say I have successfully accomplished my dream of owning my own MOBILE DJ COMPANY. 

Before the passing of my Father he would always say: never let anyone tell you, that you cannot accomplish something, if you put your mind to it (seriously) you can accomplish anything. Nothing beats a failure but a try. If you try and fail at least you attempted. Your best is all that you can offer. Always more effort, never lessen your drive. Become the energy you want to create & the music will do the rest. Mobile DJ LAY Virginia Maryland DC in Sterling